Would you like a more beautiful and manageable garden?

Garden Inspiration has been helping home-owners develop their gardens in and around Surrey and Sussex for 25 years.   Whether you are looking for a complete garden restructure or simply  wish to develop, restore or perhaps reduce maintenance, Garden Inspiration has the answer, bringing fresh ideas and bags of experience.   We offer a friendly and professional service. 

Garden Inspiration offers:   Garden design plans,  Practical planting schemes,   One off consultations,  Gardening coaching through the year  and  wildlife friendly and sustainable designs      

We have in-depth horticultural knowledge, and experience of every style of garden and soil type.  As a client, you will receive the right advice to achieve the results you want, and at a price you can afford.

We cover an area within a 30 mile radius of rural Outwood in Surrey, RH1 5PY.  

Contact Laura to find out more and discuss your garden:
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07776 448889

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We need performers!

We all look for outstanding performers … so here are a few plants that in my opinion, merit an ‘outstanding’ award. I have an all-consuming passion for trying new plants and arranging them in my garden.  There are some that truly add value for many months requiring little maintenance – just an annual trim.  It… Continue reading We need performers!

Nurturing your garden talent!

I started gardening, really quite late. I was one of those people who couldn’t touch a worm (the closest I got was of the book variety) and my knees were permanently free of mud. One day, by chance I started having children, age 26, and decided to nurture them myself. Poor kids. They would testify… Continue reading Nurturing your garden talent!

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