Lazy gardening habits – my favourite.. and yours?

Mizzle, drizzle, downpour…tiresome and not a little worrisome. A sign of our climate change. It is not all bad news : it’s been torrential enough that I haven’t lugged a watering can round to water in transplants, PLUS I am anticipating a glorious show of camellias next Spring; Camellia flower buds are formed during autumn and rely on consistently moist soil.

But my poor old succulents are looking fed up (that is not a euphemism) and my sages are a bit bedraggled. My garden is on the deepest plug of clay in England, I swear it . Clay is hopeless for plants wanting sharp drainage. I religiously add copious quantities of muck and compost twice a year to improve the soil structure and drainage and it is a godsend.

This week whilst it rained, I listened to the RHS John MacLeod 2017 lecture which offered valid information for today. A guest speaker from Cornell University informed the lecture-ees about climate change and how we gardeners can play our part to minimise emissions. Here follows the summary slide. We can all adopt these practices, and enjoy more time sitting in the garden under our newly planted tree, whilst feeling virtuous about being a lazier gardener.

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