Are you enjoying autumn?

Are you a ‘greens and exercise’ outdoor kind of person? Or a ‘look out of the window with half an eye on the television’ sort? Whoever you identify with, I challenge you to find your nearest green space and look closely. The ground is truly soaked, but if you are lucky to have an acer in your garden or local park, some of these are still looking intensely fiery and gorgeous. Well worth a step outside to enjoy one glowing in low evening light.

I have just cleared around Acer Osakazuki (not the one pictured below) and barely had to distrub the ground. The ground is so wet field capacity if you like a technical term.. that all those tap root weeds slide out of even the heaviest of clay like a lychee popping from its skin. I’ve quartered the time it takes to weed an area, spending only 20 minutes in the garden and heaving out enough of the weedy blighters to fill a few bushel trugs. Of course you’re not supposed to stand on wet ground as it compacts the soil, so you also have every reason not to do anything.

Below is a lovely photo of my nephew and my husband under an Acer, so even though you are currently looking at a screen, I give you the gift of autumn colour. Enjoy!

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