Nurturing your garden talent!

I started gardening, really quite late. I was one of those people who couldn’t touch a worm (the closest I got was of the book variety) and my knees were permanently free of mud. One day, by chance I started having children, age 26, and decided to nurture them myself. Poor kids. They would testify to this. So of course I looked out of the window, bored stiff with domestic duties and started propagating in a much easier way. I started with dahlia cuttings from a tuber, and didn’t look back. Utterly obsessed I’ve driven my children away from anything to do with gardening, although, reassuringly something has rubbed off, as young adults ageing between 24 and 31, they are more interested now they have their own homes.

So the purpose of this blog is to let you know that after 25 years of growing plants, designing planting schemes, propagating, reading plant bibles copiously and taking endless interest in garden related reading matter, I have found a new avenue to share my enthusiasm. Hopefully you!

Since March 2020, and with ‘lockdown’ limiting how much I have been able and willing to mix with others (we are shielding my daughter’s partner), I decided to set up a WhatsApp group for our lovely villagers in Outwood, and a few friends and family. It has been popular, and I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge on all things gardening, gardens, plants, manure, winter structure, pests. The science element in me has always been strong, and the creative side has grown with age. I always was a bit ‘left field’, but have the drive to put my ideas into practice. Don’t worry, I am really quite sensible!

Enough about me. I’d like to know if you might be interested in joining my brand new service? It is a WhatsApp group where I answer questions to all members, focusing on your garden, your concerns with it, and how I can help, remotely, through the medium of messages.

Once I am able to circulate more freely and not compromising the health of family members who live with me I will be keen to return to visiting people within my area. Until then, why not contact me on 07776 448889 and see if you’d like to join my group. Please see my Facebook page for more information, or just contact me via the website. Looking forward to chatting with you about your garden concerns!

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