Garden People

This year has been a good one for Garden Inspiration.  I have enjoyed holding guided garden tours and serving up cream teas to my customers.  I’m looking forward to hosting a Gardening Group here next June – 25 people expected-  so a few more than my usual max of 6 people. 

Most of all I have enjoyed running the Garden Know-How Experiences.  You meet so many interesting people, and we have had some great laughs.  I’ve also enjoyed refreshing my brain with new facts about all kinds of subjects.  The latest experience was about Climate Change and Gardening.   We are certainly feeling the effect of global warming, with the long frost -free tail of autumn.  Here is an interesting fact:  we now have six more weeks of growing season, than did the Victorians.  That immediately makes me want to grow more vegetables, on the basis that there is more time to remember to do that successional sowing. 

Talking of vegetables, the highlight of my gardening year has been getting Wobbly Pippin, my other half, to start gardening.  It’s only taken 33 years of cajoling.  He now has his own vegetable patch.  (Hear distant trumpets sounding!) I suppose it has been easy to take a back seat when married to someone quite as obsessed with gardening as yours truly.  Plus of course, retirement has given Wobbly Pippin more time to try out new things… and… well, you can’t play cricket all year round? Can you …?  

In terms of my own garden evolution, one of the most exciting things has been the gift of a new pergola which I have designed as an octagonal, so that it frames the garden in 8 directions.   I am mad about plants (obviously) but am so pleased with this wooden structure.  It makes such a great foil and back drop, and I can’t wait to see some luscious grapes growing there.   Sometimes you need something solid in the background so that all the fluffy stuff looks extra lovely!

Design work has thrown up some new challenges, as I have had some more unusual briefs, which I have much enjoyed tackling.  How to avoid any steps on a slope, has been one.  Packing a lot of functionality into a small space, another.  But it all keeps the brain ticking, and I enjoy resolving priorities with my customers.

The festive season is soon upon us, and in a few short weeks I will be turning my attention to wreath making and festive displays.   A neat segway into wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and New Year! 

Laura and Granddaughter Ella

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