Garden Inspiration offers a number of events throughout the year. Click on the links below the table, for full information!


Sat 25 Mar 10.30am
Garden Know How Experience
Theme: creating a meadow. How easy is it?
Demo: plant supports; how to display your plants to the best effect. 
Thu 20 Apr 1.30pm  
Garden Know How Experience
Theme: creating a good garden structure for year-round interes
Demo: garden jobs this month – some inspiration!
Thu 4 May 2pmGuided nature walk and cream tea
Sun 14 May 2.30pm      Garden tour and cream tea
Sat 20 May 10.30am 
Garden Know How Experience
Theme: creating a wildlife garden; doing your best for biodiversity
Demo: mulches – you need these in your life! 
Sun 28 May 2.30pmGarden tour and cream tea
Sun 11 June 2.30pmGarden Tour and cream tea  ! SOLD OUT !
Thu 15 Jun 10.30amGarden Know How Experience 
Theme: reducing maintenance in your garden. NO DIG
Demo: making good compost; tips and techniques
Sun 25 June 2.30pmGarden tour and cream tea
Sat 1 July 2pmGuided nature walk and cream tea
Tue 3 September 2pmGuided nature walk and cream tea
Sun 10 Sep 10.30amGarden Know How Experience                  
Theme: propagating plants from cuttings and division
Demo:  how to take a rose cutting
Fri 15 Sep 1.30pmGarden Know How Experience
Theme: using bulbs in the garden to extend seasonal interest; best varieties
Demo: planting a container for winter and spring display
Sun 17 Sep 2.30pmGarden tour and cream tea
Saturday 7 Oct 2pmGuided nature walk and cream tea
Thu 26 Oct 1.30pmGarden Know How Experience
Theme: Gardening for climate change
Demo:  Mound planting
Thu 9 Nov 1.30pmGarden Know How Experience
Theme: the winter garden; planting combinations for a superb effect
Demo: early preparations for spring


Garden Know-How Experiences
The programme runs from February to November. This will inspire and give you confidence in all your gardening exploits. Fun and informative sessions, which will help you learn, so that you can fully enjoy time in your own garden.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Garden Know-How Experience with Laura. The session was informative and fun with ample opportunity for questions and answers and a tour of Laura’s lovely garden. If that wasn’t enough the coffee and homemade cakes were delicious too.” K&J, Surrey

“Laura gave us a warm welcome with tea and cake in a friendly and informal setting. After getting to know the other participants and a ‘brainstorming’ session about gardening for wildlife, we had a tour of her beautiful garden. She has ingeniously managed to combine plants and habitats to suit many different sorts of wildlife while maintaining a very attractive space for people too! I left feeling encouraged and inspired!” CK, Horley

Garden tour and cream tea
Visit ‘The White Cottage’ garden, in Outwood, Surrey, where you will be taken on a fascinating tour of the half-acre garden. This is followed by a sumptuous home-baked cream tea.

“A Really Really great afternoon and enjoyed the bonus of learning from and picking up ideas and inspiration from your garden tour.” WMK, South Godstone

Guided woodland walk & cream tea
Enjoy a one and a half hour nature walk in woodland in Outwood, followed by tasty refreshments in ‘The White Cottage’ garden.