Consultation and Design Services

Garden Inspiration offers a valuable range of garden services. We will visit you, either to start completely afresh with a new design and planting scheme or to work with you to adjust what is there. Whichever service you prefer, Garden Inspiration can meet your requirement.

1.  Consultations

a consulation with a pot

A consultation will address your needs and answer queries you may have about your garden design or planting. This typically includes:

  • Discussion of garden design ideas
  • Suggestions on plants to include, relocate, or remove, including any preferences you may have
  • Specific advice on managing and maintaining your garden

Advice is geared to suit your current level of knowledge, expertise and interest and is both practical and creative in finding solutions.

A summary report can be provided on request.
Consultation rates: £50 per hour, plus travel expenses.

If you are looking to remodel your garden, the initial consultation provides the first step in the process. (See section 3, below).

2.  Gardening Coaching

a consulation with a pot

This service makes a great difference to the health, vigour, and appearance of your garden during the course of a year. You will grow in knowledge and confidence even if you are already a keen gardener.  These sessions allow you to take the lead in how your garden grows and evolves.

The coaching consists of visiting your garden as often as required, to advise on a range of garden matters according to the time of year, such as:

  • Planting annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, and hedges; seed sowing
  • Pruning and training techniques eg for roses, wisteria, fruit, and more
  • Essential garden tasks: how best to mulch, weed, water and make compost; dividing plants
  • Identifying pests or diseases in your garden and advice on treatment.

Notes can be supplied, summarising actions for the month, and these are emailed to you promptly afterward.

a consulation with a pot

If you prefer to take a back seat, I can work with your existing garden help, complementing their routine maintenance with practical advice on how to help keep your garden in prime condition, whilst developing and improving the garden layout and planting combinations.

Packages are available and priced according to the frequency of visits.  Please get in touch for more information.  This is good for all gardeners and great for the garden!


3.  Garden Design

An effective design requires knowledge not just of hard landscaping, but the space and conditions required for plants.  A full design service is offered, including; survey,  soil testing, plot analysis, functional plan, and production of a draft and final design.  Collaboration with you is key so that your expectations are met and the design is realistic and creative.  Clients receive a design plan at the end of the process as well as a report providing build guidelines (but not a build specification). The process is as follows:-

3.1 Garden Design Consultation

If a design plan is required, I will visit to consult you on your preferred style, budget, favourite plants, and any known problem areas. An initial fee of £50 plus travel time is charged for this visit which is offset against further design work if you decide to go forward. After this visit, I will then provide you with a quotation for future design work. If the quotation is accepted, the next step is the garden survey.

3.2 Garden Survey

A detailed survey, measuring all hard and soft landscaping features is conducted. Photographs are taken and an assessment of soil type is made. This survey will be to scale and will show the main details of the site. The survey visit will enable Garden Inspiration to become familiar with your garden. It also offers a further opportunity to discuss your thoughts and aspirations should you wish to be present.

3.3 Plot Analysis

Using survey data, the position of buildings, levels, and vegetation are plotted on paper, usually to a 1:50 scale. Details of light, shade, soil conditions, and all existing garden features are included, giving a drawing of the existing site prior to design. This can be a useful aid in costing landscaping works.

3.4 Functional Plan

A rough drawing is then created. This will show the proposed approximate positions of both hard and soft landscaping features. This is discussed with you to ensure a practical and functional design can be created.

3.5 Draft design (outline plan)

Garden Inspiration will then work on creating a fresh design to meet your brief whilst allowing for any limitations of the site, such as space, ground levels, and your budget for construction. The draft design (also known as the outline plan) will show the key features of your new garden. This design will be reviewed with you. By this stage only minor adjustments need to be made, as the thorough process of discussion prior to this will mean that you, as my client, are usually fully on board with the new design! In the most unlikely case of a major design shift being required, there is an opportunity to discuss at this stage, and a revised quotation subsequently be offered.

3.6 Completed design

The final plan fleshes out the details of the design such as hard landscaping, structures, materials, and planting areas (beds and borders), all drawn to scale. The main trees, hedges, and specimen plants will also be named on the plan. Both black and white and a colour design will be produced. All plans are hand drawn.

4.  Planting Specification and Plans

After the design has been approved, I will provide an estimate for a planting specification. This specification is the key to the success of the overall design scheme. We will discuss together the plants you most would like and any you particularly don’t. Clients often use ‘Pinterest’ to share their favoured plants. I like to include plants that perform well and bloom longer than most, so there is always something to attract wildlife, and for you to enjoy.

If a full garden design isn’t required you may find a general consultation and a planting design will meet your needs. After an initial viewing of your garden, a scale drawing for the project is prepared, and key features and plants are mapped onto the drawing.

Whatever the area you’d like planted, whether it be the front of your house, a bog garden, a rockery, a large or small bed or border, I will use my knowledge and creativity to provide the best outcome to create a beautiful garden for you to enjoy in the years ahead.