My services

We offer a valuable range of garden services. Visiting you in your garden, either to start completely afresh with a planting design or simply to work with you to adjust what is there. Whichever you choose, we can bring life into your borders.

1.  Consultations

a consulation with a pot

This will address your needs and answer queries you may have about your garden planting or its design. This typically includes:

  • Discussion of garden design ideas
  • Suggestions on plants to include, relocate or remove, including any preferences you may have
  • Specific advice on managing and maintaining your garden

Advice is geared to suit your current level of knowledge, expertise and interest and is both practical and creative in finding solutions.

A summary report of recommendations can be provided.

Consultation rates: £35 per hour, plus travel expenses.


2.  Gardening Advice

a consulation with a pot

We will visit your garden as needed, to offer help and advice on a variety of garden matters according to the time of year.  Such as:

  • Planting correctly: annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and hedges; seed sowing
  • Pruning and training techniques for a wide range of plants such as roses, wisteria, fruit and more
  • Essential garden tasks: how best to mulch, weed, water and make compost; dividing plants
  • Identifying pests or diseases in your garden and advice on treatment.

Notes can be supplied, summarising actions for the month and these are emailed to you within three days of the visit.

This service makes a great difference to the health, vigour and appearance of your garden during the course of a year.  The transformation will enable you to enjoy your garden so much more.

3.  Personal gardening tuition

a consulation with a pot

This is one step on from garden advice sessions. It gives an in-depth understanding of garden plants and their care, backed up by practical demonstrations in techniques and supported with useful fact sheets. Information is geared entirely to suit your level of interest and knowledge. As with garden advice sessions, topics are covered at the most relevant time of the year.

Essentially these are private sessions in horticulture, delivered in a friendly and accessible way, and have proven successful in many gardens. Time spent is both enjoyable and inspiring. This is good for all gardeners, and great for the garden!

4.  Planting Design

a consulation with a pot

Your existing planting scheme can be adapted or your border given a completely different look. Whatever the area you’d like planted, whether it be the front of your house, a bog garden, a rockery or a large or small bed or border, Garden Inspiration will use its knowledge and creativity to give the best results. If reorganising the border is all that is needed, you may not need a plan at all.
After an initial viewing of your site, a scale drawing for the project is prepared, and key features and plants to be used are mapped on to the drawing.

Planting design is inevitably key to the overall garden design, and full attention is given to the context of planting with the hard landscaping in your garden.

5.  Container Planting

a consulation with a pot

Planting schemes in pots! Container planting is approached with the same care and creativity given to a planting scheme for a border. It can be more challenging to get a good effect in just a season, and this is where plant knowledge is essential.

Some of the factors considered are: colour, foliage shape, leaf texture, practicality of plant choice, function of the pot, and style of planting sought. The right growing medium for the chosen plants is prepared. The mix of compost, soil, grit and fertiliser will vary according to whether the pot is a permanent planting or just for the season